ViuApp Apk: Download Viu App Latest Version For Android, iOS & Pc

Viu Apk: Viu is a video streaming application that gives the user immediate access to movies and music. It even gives access to TV shows of all genres. Action thriller, drama, horrors, comedy etc., It is available even in the languages English, Tamil, Korean, Arabic, Tagalog, Malay, Indonesian, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Punjabi, Marathi, and Bahasa. It can cater to a variety of crowd who want access to various local language entertainments and allows users to stream everything for free. It gives access to content that is personalized, along with recommendations to the best and the latest trending entertainment options. Download ViuApp Apk latest Version from here.

ViuApp Apk Download For Android & iOS:

ViuApp Apk application is currently available only in Traditional Chinese. It is the unofficial application of ViuTV channel 99, a brand free TV channel only available to users in Hong Kong.The channel offers shows like Factual Entertainments, Travel with Rivals and G-1 Fighting Club which make content that exposes the real side of humans. The channel produces an immense variety of quality content with lifestyle programs, dramas, sports and news channels. It also has finance and other diverse subjects available for viewing pleasure. viu offers access to all this content produced by the channel both live and reruns of the programs on demand.Any program that is missed can be watched using this application.

Features Of Viu App:

ViuApp Apk also allows users to check the schedule of the broadcast channel in the coming weeks and lets those set reminders, so they can watch the videos without missing them.

The special features of Viu app Apk are given below:

  • Ability to stream, movies, music, and TV show any time when accessing the internet.
  • Totally free access to a lot of media.
  • A curated, exploring feed, to give recommendations and new updates.
  • Facility to watch videos of all the favorite celebrities, Celeb News, and shows.  
  • Has the facility to search for the latest TV series.
  • If required, enabling or disabling the notifications is possible, so if necessary the notifications can be accessed or removed.
  • The application allows downloading of videos for watching offline anytime. So it is possible to watch content even when the internet is not working.
  • It offers videos in both SD and HD options, even for downloads.
  • The movie player of the application has subtitles in multiple languages, allowing viewers from a wider spread of audience to watch any language movie they want without separately downloading the subtitles.
  • It provides the facilities to watch a video where you initially left off seamlessly.
  • The same account can be used on a laptop, phone or tablet.
  • The premium version of the app provides users with unlimited streaming and unlimited downloads.
  • The app allows to connect on the social media and share favored content with friends.
  • The application is available for android, windows and iPhone users
  • The application allows simple and easy filtering to access the exact type of entertainment that the user wants.

Movies: All the latest movies be it Bollywood or Hollywood, are available on the application. Films can be explored by genre and language, popular selection, favorite actors and New Arrival categories.

Music Videos: These are available in the genres of hip hop, dance, rock, metal, jazz, Indie, film songs etc. It can even be accessed through iTunes.

Sports: The application allows streaming of sports channel to view cricket, football, volleyball and other sports events around the world.

How to Download Viu Application for PC:

The application can be downloaded for the PC by following the steps listed below.

  • The first step is to download an android emulator if it is not already installed. A good emulator is Bluestacks or KOPLAYER.
  • Run the Android Emulator and login to the Google Store
  • On the search bar, type Viu and find the App.
  • Download the application and start it.

Alternatively, it is possible to download the apk on the internet, and then run it on the Android emulator.


 Viu App Alternatives || Apps Like Viu

 Viu App Alternatives: In the present days, Viu is the most commonly used app for watching movies and TV shows. Missing the favorite movies or shows is quite common for all the busy people in these days. So, Viu came into the role play in order to make the entertainment stand at their feet always. I guess you are not able to get my point. Ok, let me get into the topic. Viu is the best online source for watching latest movies, Tv shows, cartoons, Korean shows, hot stuff and much more. The usage of Viu app was high but people are now looking for Viu app alternatives due to sign up issues. People always look for the best source to enjoy watching movies or TV shows, I have found similar apps like Viu as mentioned below.

 Viu App Alternatives:


Netflix is the world’s best online service for watching TV shows and Movies. You can get the unbelievable experience anywhere and anytime using Netflix, the best Viu alternative. Once you get the Netflix membership, you can enjoy watching thousands of TV episodes and movies on your mobile or desktop for free of cost. As people were fed up with premium services, they have been searching for Viu app alternatives. Netflix could provide all the hot stuff that is served by Viu app. Start watching on one mobile and resume on the other one using Netflix- online TV and movies source. Once you start rating the content, Netflix will help you by suggesting the similar videos that you would like to watch. this is one of the best Viu App Alternatives.


YuppTv is on among the largest TV platform where you can access 200 Live Indian Channels online for free of charge. YuppTV is the best alternative to Viu app. Using YuppTV, you can locate any TV channel on your Android mobile. It supports various genres like News, Sports, Comedy, Romance, Spiritual, Family Drama, Crime, Music, Movies and much more. If you are a TV lover then you can enjoy streaming all Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, Gujarathi and many other channels using YuppTV. Sports channels, music channels, cartoon channels can also be accessed using YuppTV. this is the best alternative to Viu App.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is the latest Android, iOS and Desktop application launched by Amazon. If you are not aware of the above applications for streaming movies and TV shows, then Amazon Prime Video is the only app you would come across from the suggestions. Using Amazon Prime Video app, you can stream and download the popular movies, TV shows for free. The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle and Emmy Award Winner Tumble Leaf are the exclusive videos powered by Amazon Prime Video. It is the one best Viu app alternative with which you can watch any movie or TV show without having any premium account.


Hope you have gone through the Viu app alternatives, Similar apps like Viu from the points discussed above. If you are looking for more Viu app alternatives, then drop your requirements in the comment box provided below.

Viu App For iOS: Download For iPhone & iPAD

Viu App For iOS: I think most of the people get entertained whenever they watch movies or TV series or small or large screens. In olden days people used to watch movies on a single screen but the modern life of people progressed the ways to watch movies online for free. Getting entertained is quite common but the thing is you cannot find the favorite movie or video from any of the sources. Sometimes people who wish to watch the classic movies may look for DVDs and enjoy watching on their device screen. But is not an easy way of watching movies for free. We have a number of applications like Viu app that allows us to enjoy watching movies for free. download viu app for iOS latest version free from here.

What is Viu app For iOS & iPhone?

Have you ever gone through Viu app for ios? Viu app is the best source to watch latest movies online for free of cost. It is an over the top video service which is operated by PCCW. Since the evolution of piracy, many numbers of websites have been built in order to serve the hot stuff to your mouth. But the stuff will not be available all the time because the content published on their web is not legal. Copy right claims can block your website for a while and sometimes even penalize you for doing illegal activities. So you need to check out for the best app that could allow you to watch all the latest movies for free.

How to download Viu app for an iOS device?

Most of the people are aware that Apple does not offer all the apps on its store due to its legal policies. But there were few apps agreed by Apple.Inc like Viu app ios that can stream the latest movie content. You need to worry about the installation of Viu app, as it is available for free download from iTunes App Store. Check out the steps asserted hereinafter to download Viu app for an iOS device.

  • To download Viu app for your iOS device, you need to have an iTunes account connected to your Apple device.
  • Unless you have an Apple account, you will not be able to use App Store to download any other applications.
  • Now search for Viu app in the App Store and then tap on the Yellow icon with inverted ‘V’ shape.
  • Hit ‘get’ button to install Viu app for your iOS device so that the app will be installed on your iOS phone.
  • When you have completed the installation process, check for your loving content by tapping on the search button in Viu app.
  • Enjoy watching all the hot stuff for free using Viu app on your iOS device.

We are glad that you are not able to watch all the latest movies with Viu app on your Android and iOS device. If you have any quires concerning to Viu app, feel free to communicate with us by mentioning it here.